Got a new place you need to furnish?  Or an old place you want to refurnish?  Caves offers the easy solution.  Just tell us your requirements for your space, and a bit about your personal style, and we'll do the rest.  We can cover all the details from flooring, to furniture, to ceiling fixtures, and everything in between. We'll give you a customized bachelor pad that is perfect for solo relaxation, or entertaining guests.

How it works... 


Because Caves offers the full Hunter Douglas product line, we can cater to any window needs you may have.  Whether you want total darkness in your media room or bedroom, or just want to cut down on the glare in your office, we have the ideal solution!


Now available motorized!

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Have you always dreamt of having that special hideaway where you can do all your favorite things?  Whether your passion is football, MMA, model trains, or interactive online gaming, we can create your perfect haven, customized to suit your needs.  We are passionate about ensuring your man cave is suitable in both function and atmosphere.   


Yes, we do that too.  With our team of highly experienced contractors and specialists, we can turn an outdated space into a fresh modern oasis, be it a kitchen, bath, or any other area of your home that needs remodeling.  Trust us to assemble a great layout, spec durable finishes, and ensure superior quality installation.  It's as easy as a remodel gets.   


If you want a home theater, we have connections with all the industry specialists to get you a perfect result. From custom cabinet makers, to upholsterers, to window covering installers, to home automation technicians, we can pull together all the elements to create the home theater of your dreams.   


If you work from home, whether exclusively or occasionally, we can create a customized workspace built to suit your needs.  We work with you to create a design first, covering all the bases for storage, electrical needs, acoustical needs, and worktop space, and then execute the plans.  We utilize dozens of industry resources and licensed contractors to get the job done right. 

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