We design and furnish homes for MEN.  In a nutshell, you tell us what you want for the interior of your home, and we make it happen.  It's that simple. 


Broken down, Caves caters to you, the working man, acting as your personal representative to make your home look great.  Our goal above all others is to save you stress, but in addition, we save you considerable time. For the average guy, furnishing a home involves agonizing shopping trips to furniture stores, and dozens of hours surfing online to find the piece that has the best reviews--PLUS even more man hours unpacking and assembling furniture.  Many people get so frustrated with all the legwork, that they give up, and settle for an embarrassingly unfinished home.  We take all that out of the equation.  We do the work, and you have a home you can enjoy and show off to friends.


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