I've been in the home furnishings industry for over fifteen years, helping people create personalized spaces that feel like home. 

Over time, having worked with singles, families of eight, and everything in between, I've discovered I have a particular flair for working with men.  My "less is more" design philosophy is ideal for those who don't want anything super fancy or over the top--easy to maintain but still attractive, modern, and nice enough to show off to friends and guests.

I am now pleased to introduce a new division of my company, called "Caves by JOI".  Caves caters to the working man, literally.  If you're a guy with a new place, and don't have the time or desire to decorate, look no further.

At Caves, I adhere strictly to 3 main principles:


I work to save you time, taking care of all aspects of your home improvement project so you don't have to.


What good is a beautiful home if it's not comfortable and user-friendly?  I believe that spaces should be designed with comfort AND aesthetics in mind.


Good design will always account for functionality.  Whether your requirements include extra storage for books, a 70" plasma screen, or seating for eighteen, meeting your needs is my top priority!

Cut and dried, I believe in the highest level of customer service, and building long term professional relationships.

Judy Olson


Judy Olson Interiors

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